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Maurten GEL 100 CAF 100 - Box of 12

Maurten GEL 100 CAF 100 - Box of 12

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Caffeine has been added to the gel to help improve alertness and reduce the perceived effort and pain caused by your workout. It can help fight fatigue and has many other properties that can be highly beneficial in sports performance.

Studies have shown that the body can ingest 60g of carbohydrate per hour in the form of glucose or maltodextrin (glucose polymer). Meanwhile, Maurten use hydrogel technology with a 0.8:1 combination of fructose and glucose/maltodextrin which improves the uptake and allows the body to instead consume 90g per hour.

Directions for Use
The usage of the Gel 100 CAF is dependent on several factors including your weight, your experience with caffeine, and the length of your training session or race.
Duration <1 Hour: 1 serving of gel during your warmup.
Duration <2 Hours: 2-3 serving of gels. Take two gels prior to beginning training and then take a further gel thirty minutes into the training.
Duration <2-6 Hours: 2-4 servings. Consume two gels prior to starting your training and then consume another gel thirty minutes into the training. Top up with one gel per hour, up to 4 gels, for best results.

Ingredients: Water, Glucose, Calcium Carbonate, Caffeine, Gluconic Acid, Sodium Alginate.

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