CarbZone Low Carb Pasta, High Protein Penne, High Fiber, Made with Soy and Pea Protein, 60 Grams Protein, 250g (Pack of 2)

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Brand: CarbZone


  • Ultimate Protein Mix: Elevate your culinary creations with our pasta. Crafted with precision, our protein-packed penne pasta promises a hearty and energising dining experience with 60g of protein per serving.
  • Egg Nutrients: Experience the goodness of our pasta enriched with egg white powder. This addition enhances the nutritional profile and introduces a touch of indulgent richness to your dishes.
  • Quick Meal Prep: Our penne can be prepared in just ten minutes, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who are looking for a meal option that is both convenient and delicious.
  • Impeccable Taste: Our pasta was born from our premium flour. It cooks and looks like wheat pasta without compromising taste, texture or appearance. It is unbelievably delicious for your body.
  • Nutritious Composition: This Penne is a nutritious, fibre-rich, and protein-rich option made from whole wheat, offering you a healthy cheat meal alternative and a delightful flavour and texture.

PartNumber: 442830

Details: Description Product description Our Low-Carb and High Protein Penne Pasta combines high-quality ingredients, including wheat protein, isolated soy protein, wheat flour, pea protein, water, wheat fibre, egg white powder (5%), and whey protein. This will surely provide you with a satisfying and nutritious experience. It will take your cuisine to the next level. Your dishes will have a higher nutritional value due to our product, which is packed with egg white powder for increased richness. Take pleasure in the velvety infusion of whey protein, which contributes to the entire composition and guarantees a beautiful experience. Obtain the benefits of different protein components, which enhance the natural vibrancy of meals and contribute to overall well-being. The pasta created from premium flour has an unparalleled flavour; it cooks in the same manner as wheat pasta, but it is very delicious and beneficial to your body. Ingredients WHEAT GLUTEN, WHEAT FLOUR, ISOLATED SOY PROTEIN, EGG WHITE POWDER (5%), WHEY PROTEIN, pea protein, WHEAT FIBER Note: This product may contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts and sesame.

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Model: 442830

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